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Certain modules have to communicate to hardware in order to fulfil their tasks. Those modules come with an additional driver layer. Each driver then needs a board file to talk to the actual hardware.
The board file needs to be provided by the user as it's implementation depends not only on the used underlying system (HAL), but also the actual hardware configuration (wiring).


Each driver provides a template of it's board file. Copying this file to your project directory and implementing the routines is all there is to do. Note that you have to remove the _template part from the file name.

Supported Boards

Some boards have predefined hardware on them. Where they are a common board we provide a makefile (/boards/base/xxx/ which you can include into your own project makefile. This will then automatically include all the standard hardware drivers and board files. Additional pre-defined board files can also be found in /boards/addons.


The following modules require a board file: