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GINPUT architecture

GINPUT is a powerful module which provides an easy way to interface different hardware peripherals such as touchscreens to the rest of the library. It provides everything which these peripherals need in order to operate properly such as calibration routines for the touchscreens.

API reference

The API reference of the GINPUT module can be found here.


A touchscreen can be interfaced very easily through the GINPUT module. It doesn't matter if it is a resistive, capacitive or any other touchscreen technology.

Board file

The GINPUT module requires a board file for each driver instance. A board file template and corresponding examples can be found under /drivers/ginput/touch/xxx/.


See Touchscreen Calibration.

Digital input

Also known as the Toggle driver. This driver can be used to interface common digital inputs (GPIOs). Mostly this driver is used to attach hardware buttons to a GWIN widget.

Analog input

Also known as the Dial driver. This driver can be used to interface slow analog inputs. Mostly this driver is used to attach an analog peripheral such as a potentiometer or a sensor to a GWIN widget. It can also be used on digital inputs that emulate a graduated ratio output such as a digital "click" wheel (rotary encoder).


The keyboard driver allows to interface physical keyboards to a µGFX application. Note that there's also a virtual keyboard widget that provides an on-screen keyboard with customizable layouts. See keyboard.