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µGFX can be run natively on a Mac OS X system. This simplifies the process of developing your embedded GUI application a lot.

The MacOS X port has been tested successfully on OS X 10.10, 10.11 and 10.12.


Make sure you got the following things installed:

  • clang (by installing Xcode)
  • SDL2 (by installing via: brew install sdl2 --universal)


Copy the makefile that can be found in /boards/base/OSX/example/ to your project directory. You need to set the OSX_SDK and OSX_ARCH variables.


The OSX_SDK variable needs to contain the path to the OS X SDK. The path can be found by executing xcodebuild -sdk -version in the terminal:

TecMac:osx joel.bodenmann$ xcodebuild -sdk -version
MacOSX10.11.sdk - OS X 10.11 (macosx10.11)
SDKVersion: 10.11
Path: /Applications/ 1.1
PlatformPath: /Applications/
ProductBuildVersion: 15E60
ProductCopyright: 1983-2016 Apple Inc.
ProductName: Mac OS X
ProductUserVisibleVersion: 10.11.4
ProductVersion: 10.11.4

In our case we set the OSX_SDK variable as follows:

OSX_SDK = /Applications/


The OSX_ARCH variable is used to specify on which earliest/oldest version of MacOS X the executable will be able to run on. Usually it's enough to just set it to the version of OS X that you are running which you can find my executing sw_vers in a terminal:

TecMac:osx joel.bodenmann$ sw_vers 
ProductName:	Mac OS X
ProductVersion:	10.11.4BuildVersion:	15E65

In our case we are running OS X version 10.11:

OSX_ARCH = -mmacosx-version-min=10.11

For more information about the macosx-version-min option, please refer to the corresponding compiler documentation.