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A window is the most basic GWIN element. All the other elements (widget, container) are based on this one. A window consists the following attributes:

  • Position
  • Size
  • Foreground color
  • Background color
  • Font

Therefore, a window is a completely passive element. It does not accept any kind of input.

API reference

The generic window API reference can be found here.

Window creation

Each window provides a creation call with is named gwinXxxCreate() where Xxx is the name of the window. The first parameter is either a pointer to a static window object or NULL. If NULL, the object will be allocated dynamically from the heap. The second parameter is a pointer to a GWindowInit struct. This struct contains all the attributes which are needed to create the window (position, size, ...):

typedef struct GWindowInit {
   coord_t			x, y;				// The initial position relative to its parent
   coord_t			width, height;			// The initial dimension
   bool_t			show;				// Should the window be visible initially
      GHandle		        parent;				// The parent - must be a container or NULL
} GWindowInit;

Examples on how to use this struct correctly can be found on each window documentation page.

gwinDestroy() can be used to destroy a window that is no longer needed.

Implemented Windows

These are the currently implemented windows: